Ask yourself

Is all that clutter getting on top of you?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Don't put it off any longer. Let Jill Day at your messy rooms, paperwork and files to restore your peace of mind.

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The difference

Ten benefits of DeCluttering...

1.   A more relaxed and peaceful home.
2.   More space, not just physically, but emotionally.
3.   No embarrassment over your messy house.
4.  Return of self esteem.
5.   Less stressed trying to find things.
6.   Physical order brings with it clarity of thought.
7.   Regain hours and hours worth of lost time.
8.   Less time cleaning.
9.   A satisfying sense of achievement.
10. You might even save money.

DeClutter Day - It's about time

What is it?

DeClutter Day is a personal decluttering service, a life laundry, tailored to your requirements and your lifestyle. You need to be involved in the process, as the aim is to bring all the mess back under control, and give you strategies to keep it that way.

What does your trail of debris look like?Life can get busy can't it? Sometimes we leave a trail of debris in our wake which can really slow life down - but don't despair!

Whether you need just a little help or quite a lot, Jill is at hand. It might be your paperwork, a garage or spare room that has filled up over time. Maybe your office no longer functions as it should. Maybe it's your whole house. DeClutter Day is ready to help you reclaim your space and time.

The Dictionary says...

Definition: Clutter (organising):

  • A confusing or disorderly state or collection; or the creation thereof.
  • Excessive, unnecessary or uncontrolled clutter can be a symptom of compulsive hoarding.
A typical spare room

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