Ask yourself

Is all that clutter getting on top of you?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Don't put it off any longer. Let Jill Day at your messy rooms, paperwork and files to restore your peace of mind.

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The difference

Ten benefits of DeCluttering...

1.   A more relaxed and peaceful home.
2.   More space, not just physically, but emotionally.
3.   No embarrassment over your messy house.
4.  Return of self esteem.
5.   Less stressed trying to find things.
6.   Physical order brings with it clarity of thought.
7.   Regain hours and hours worth of lost time.
8.   Less time cleaning.
9.   A satisfying sense of achievement.
10. You might even save money.


gold starWhat others have said...

"I had become overwhelmed by our paperwork. Jill from Declutter Day gave me the direction and ideas I needed to get things in order. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders now with all our papers organised and filed (there is a place for everything and because of being grouped together, easy for me to find). I was also given the advice I needed to keep on top of things."
         Debbie, Woking.

"I so valued Jill’s help sorting out my children’s rooms when they’d become overrun!  She helped me focus on what we needed to keep, and get rid of what we no longer had a use for – and we had such a laugh doing it!  It feels so nice to get things back in order, and to feel on top of the chaos.  What a lovely friend."
         Pippa, Woking.

"I found Jill when I was in a blind panic about my imminent move. She was very calm and extremely helpful and clearly knew a lot about removals. I wish I had found her sooner and would recommend her services to anyone who needs a hand decluttering or moving."
         Pauline, Woking.

"Jill Day helped me to organise and declutter sections of my house once I had been made redundant and was trying to make space to start a small business. She is naturally gifted in organisation so knew exactly where things ought to be to make a more efficient working space.
I would recommend her very highly."

         Anne, Aldershot.

"I walked into my office and my garage and I just didn't know where to begin with tidying them up so I walked straight out again!  Then Jill came round and helped me through the process of sorting things out, throwing things out and generally bringing order where once chaos reigned.  I couldn't have done it without her - she is brilliant at making it all seem easy, when it is not!  I thoroughly recommend her to help you in your decluttering."
         Pammie, Woking.

"Jill has been back to see me, this time to help me De-clutter and tidy my books and paperwork. I am a person who gets overwhelmed by the mess but Jill arrived and immediately she put me at ease, and she suggested ways to do my filing, where to put the files and the books.
I would thoroughly recommend Jill to anyone who wants to clear the clutter and bring order."

         Pammie, Woking.

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