Ask yourself

Is all that clutter getting on top of you?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Don't put it off any longer. Let Jill Day at your messy rooms, paperwork and files to restore your peace of mind.

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The difference

Ten benefits of DeCluttering...

1.   A more relaxed and peaceful home.
2.   More space, not just physically, but emotionally.
3.   No embarrassment over your messy house.
4.  Return of self esteem.
5.   Less stressed trying to find things.
6.   Physical order brings with it clarity of thought.
7.   Regain hours and hours worth of lost time.
8.   Less time cleaning.
9.   A satisfying sense of achievement.
10. You might even save money.

It's all about you

You've got a problem

How did all that stuff mount up?

  • Maybe you've not had the time.
  • Maybe you've been giving your energies to other things.
  • Maybe you've been caring for a relative.
  • Maybe life has been overshadowed by a bereavement.
  • overflowing cupboardsMaybe you've had a long term illness.
  • Maybe you're expecting or have just had a new baby.
  • Maybe you're selling your home.
  • Maybe you've just moved house.
  • Maybe you just need more space.
  • Maybe you're starting to think you are a compulsive hoarder.
  • Maybe you just can't face it.


           ...Or maybe order and organisation just isn't your thing - and why should it be? We all have different gifts and strengths don't we?
But, unless you are able to keep these things under control, they can start to control you.

What do you need?

OK, so you need someone to help pull it all together. It can't be done without you, but if it were that easy it would never have got out of hand.

One of the best ways to get fit, is to have a personal trainer. In the same way you could think of Jill as your personal declutterer.

You need it sorted and kept that way

Jill's got all sorts of tricks up her sleeve to create a tailor made, workable system..

Is your paperwork a mess?Tidy filingAfter all, you don't need it where you left it. You just need to know where to find it ... and where to put it next time.

You just need a simple system that works for you.

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